Young Hearts & Mind Conference

TESSA are delighted to be attending and exhibiting at the Young Hearts & Minds Conference

Young Hearts & Minds Conference

La Mon Hotel Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st October 2021

The conference will bring together a wealth of knowledge, experience and research from some of the world’s leading experts in complex trauma recovery.

Young Hearts & Minds is for everyone who has a passion for the well-being and mental health of children and young people.  Take this opportunity to listen to progressive techniques and explore new methodologies on how to start the healing process and beat the long-term effects of early trauma, which can have a serious impact on a child’s development, throughout their youth, and into adulthood.  The teaching and learning at the conference will help you to develop resilience under pressure, enhance your professional development and inspire you to make a change.

Speaking at the the conference :-

  • Karen Treisman
  • Dan Siegal
  • Marie Blaney
  • Deirdre McLaughlin
  • Koulla Yiasouma
  • Stephen Porges
  • Vivian McKinnon
  • Jade Irwin
  • Michael Gibbs
  • Fiona Linehan


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