Narrative Work with Families

Children are often unclear about how they got to be adopted and why they can’t live with their birth family. They may blame themselves, think they weren’t good enough or wonder if they will have to move again. Sometimes they are confused by contact, the arrival of a new family member or significant changes at home, in school, or with other birth family members.

All this uncertainty creates anxiety for our children and their behaviour can reflect this. Our job as parents is to calm their fears but often we are also anxious about how to handle difficult information.

At TESSA the issue of narrative work and the need for clarity around life events comes up again and again. So this is a much-needed service is now part of our core service delivery.

We can offer you six coaching sessions with an experienced child and family worker trained in narrative delivery. The work is further supported by a comprehensive handbook to help you structure your narrative delivery. If you would like to feel more confident in talking through tough stuff with your child please get in touch. We are here to help.


Dr Terry Levy

“When children share their stories within a context of attunement, support and safety… they can face their fears and pain, and begin to heal the trauma.”