Our Service Model

TESSA support starts with parents because parents are a child’s safe base. The more flexible, resilient and supported parents feel, the stronger the family unit will be. Through counselling we provide a safe and confidential space for you to share your feelings, explore challenges and reflect on your relationships.

We offer training in therapeutic parenting. As adopters we need to understand how trauma impacts on a child’s development and how parenting therapeutically can make such a difference to family life.

“I wish I knew this stuff before,” said one parent. “the change in our home is amazing.”

All adults working with traumatised children need to recognise that our children were hurt by the people who should have kept them safe, so it follows that we must now nurture, protect, supervise, regulate and relate to them in a way that repairs that trust.

One of the main challenges of working with traumatised children is learning to regulate ourselves so we can regulate the child. The good news is we can do this through such basic activities as breathing, moving, and touch in ways that are easier than you might think.

We can also create environments where children and adults feel safe enough to thrive through playfulness, openness and in-schools training to help teachers and classroom assistants understand why our children often struggle with school.

Through a greater understanding of trauma we hope to create a culture of acceptance rather than blame for parents and children. We anticipate that the bank of services will grow with the project.