As we continue to navigate the ever increasing pressures of working and schooling from home, it has becoming ever more important to ensure we are looking after emotional wellbeing and that of our children.

Traditionally our therapeutic supports were always completed in the safety of the therapeutic room and since March 2020 we have been unable to do that. The need for support has continued to rise whilst accessibility has continued to stay limited. Initially, we offered our families a series of workshop/one-off online supports as a temporary measure, but as the pandemic continued to heighten we quickly recognised it may be quite some time before we find ourselves back in the therapeutic room. Since then we have been developing and offering longer-term online solutions.

Counselling for parents
At TESSA we encourage every parent to consider counselling support, not as reflection of their but from an understanding that if a child is struggling at home then their parent is going to be need of some nurturing too. All of TESSA counsellors have adapted exceptionally well to using online platforms for counselling, such as Zoom, MS teams or Skype.

Online therapeutic parenting support
Each month we offer a variety of online sessions for our parents. These sessions always have a theme or a particular challenge that may be impacting families within the adoption community. Previous sessions have included ‘Looking after your mental health’, ‘Mindfulness for parents’, ‘Understanding the additional pressure on relationships during a lockdown’, ‘Supporting your child’s sensory requirements’, ‘Parenting through co-vid and Christmas’ and many more. These sessions are delivered via Zoom.

Narrative coaching
Understanding and explaining your child’s story that led them to adoption can envoke a range of a emotions and feelings, things like feeling worried about saying the wrong thing, revealing too much detail, using child appropriate languages are very commonly reported concerns. We can offer support to parents so they can come to terms with their child’s story, reflect on how they want to answer potential questions and plan how and when they will deliver parts of their child narrative. This support can be delivered online along with resources we post out to you.

Filial therapy
This is a parent and child support that aims to equip parents with the knowledge and understanding of play therapy techniques which are learnt and practiced within sessions. This support is provided online and supported by additional resources.

Some of our therapies can be conducted within the therapeutic space due to appropriate safety measures such as Equine therapy and Osteopathy.