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We, as a community, continue to find ourselves navigating uncharted waters and as a charity project who support children and families that have experienced adoption, we are particularly attuned to the impacts this can have on the pupil-teacher relationship, learning and teaching for the most vulnerable within the classroom.

Over the last five years we have delivered, through our partnership with Adoption UK, a schools-based support training session that imparts understanding, insights and strategies into supporting a child who has experienced early childhood trauma and attachment difficulties, across many schools within Northern Ireland.

This training was traditionally delivered over a half-day session within the school. We are pleased to announce that we can now offer this free training online in a two-hour session. We can arrange a time that suits your staff team and will provide all of the resources electronically. We have availability to deliver this training over the incoming months.

To avail of our free two-hour session we request that there is at least one child within your school between the age of 2 and 12 years old, who has been adopted. We would require a referral form from, or on behalf of, the family who have adopted and then we can arrange a date/time to suit your needs.

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