FREE half day training for schools!


TESSA training was excellent. Aim to ensure all schools and teacher training colleges in N. Ireland access this training! – Co. Down teacher. 

Children with a history of trauma and attachment difficulties often struggle to learn and are challenging to teach. Understanding the importance of attachment in child development can help teachers, classroom assistants and other school staff support a child’s emotional regulation, behaviour and learning, resulting in fewer meltdowns, better outcomes, and a calmer school environment.

TESSA offers a FREE half day’s training to schools in attachment and developmental trauma and, if required, strategies and services to support individual children with specific issues. To qualify for the service, schools need to have at least one adopted child on their register, age 12 years or younger. All of the feedback we have received so far from schools indicates that the content of the course applies to many other non-adopted children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

This outcome agrees with the findings of Baby Bonds, a review of international research into attachment by the Sutton Trust. Baby Bonds found that 40 per cent of young children are insecurely attached. In one US study research concluded that the quality of attachment alone was a stronger predictor of graduating from high school than either IQ or test score.

Attachment security is critical in school success. The good news is that if the adults (parents and teachers) are willing to work together and able to think differently about how we teach and discipline our children we can make school a safe base for learning.



The TESSA training aims to help schools:

  • accept that some children have specific educational needs related to attachment and trauma.
  • recognise the effects of developmental trauma in school.
  • explore practical support strategies.