Sensory and Emotional Regulation

Identifying emotional states and utilising strategies to achieve social emotional success.

By Leah Kiuypers, MA Ed, OTR/L and Elizabeth Sautter, MA SLP, CCC

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Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI) is an integrative approach to the treatment of children and adults who have suffered abuse or severe neglect.


Sensory integration is about how our brain receives and processes sensory information so that we can do the things we need to do in our everyday life. There is a theory of sensory integration and a therapeutic approach based on the theory.


To date over 100,000 copies of The Zones of Regulation book have been sold and the framework has been implemented in districts around the world to support students’ social emotional learning. ​ 


Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour: A Practical Approach at Home for Parents and Carers

This excellent booklet published by Falkirk Council offers lots of useful information and ideas to support your child’s sensory behaviours. Free pdf from

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Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour