Parents and Child Therapies 

We have a range of services that work with parent and child together. The parent/child connection is fundamental to a child’s recovery from trauma, so therapies that encourage this connection build attachment security.

The Just Right State programme®, is a training programme that allows parents and children to practise self and co-regulation under the guidance of an experience professional with the aim of improving children’s emotional regulation through everyday activities.®

Likewise play therapies such as Filial therapy and Theraplay® facilitate attachment through play and help parents rework some of key developmental processes their children may have missed.

When parents engage with their child in therapy they provide a safe base from which the child can address scary or shame-based memories, feelings, and experiences.

Therapeutic work can be very emotionally painful for a child, so it is crucial that they are not alone in facing big feelings. Our Parents and Children Together programme uses this attachment-based focus with Dan Hughes’ parenting principles to help child and parent work through the challenges of adoption and make sense of their life story.