Shining a Spotlight On ……. Filial Therapy

Welcome to our new blog series called ‘Shining a Spotlight On….’. In this series we aim to bring awareness and insight into all things TESSA-related.

“The regulation and strengthened relationships that these sessions have brought to all of us has been indescribable and beyond doubt filial therapy is the single most positive investment we have made since becoming a forever family.”

For our first blog entry we have chosen to Shine a Spotlight on Filial therapy. We have asked an experienced Filial therapist to answer some questions from a therapists point of view and we have also asked a parent who has adopted to share some insight into their experience of Filial therapy and the impact it had on their family life.

” It is a lovely gentle but powerful therapy that can really help strengthen family relationships and help children process anything past or present that causes them difficulty, disturbance or dysregulation.”

So, sit back and enjoy this blog as we delve into the world of Filial therapy. Continue reading “Shining a Spotlight On ……. Filial Therapy”