Caring For Adoptive Parents

(Fit Your Own Oxygen Mask First)

We focus on the needs of parents because healthy parents create healthy families. You don’t have to be a super parent, just good enough.

Good enough in adoption, however, does mean a bit of parenting plus. So fundamental to our parent support package is training in therapeutic parenting.

This can be exhausting and difficult at times, which is why self care is so important.



Stress-reducing therapies such as massage, reflexology and reiki can help you feel valued and cared for. We also know that staying in the moment can relieve anxiety and prevent over-reacting to parenting challenges so we offer training in mindfulness.

Finally, our own upbringing, our expectations, disappointments, and every day stresses can cause some turbulence on the adoption journey. For this we provide “an oxygen mask” in the form of counselling.


Three things to remember about being a good enough parent

  1. Parents who can stay regulated and emotionally available when their children can’t, create a safe base for their families
  2. A parent’s ability to be regulated and feel safe is the most transformative tool s/he can offer their child
  3. Nobody can stay regulated all the time. When you lose it repair the relationship quickly, forgive yourself and move on.

<— On the left you can see a useful little video on the need for insight into our own parenting styles.